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OILMAX was started by the first-generation entrepreneur Mr. Ashutosh Gokhale in year 2010 with a mission to develop products which will conserve natural resources and help Industry to reduce maintenance expenses and improve product quality. First product developed was Centrifugal Oil Cleaning System for Automotive, Mining, Marine & industrial applications, based on Centrifuge Technology. A completely reusable product having no consumables and No recurring cost. Product range was further expanded by adding Oil recovery Centrifuge, Coolant Sump Cleaner, Tramp Oil Recovery system, Hydraulic Oil Cleaning system, High Pressure water jet cleaner, Ultrasonic Cleaner, Compactor for marine and commercial use, Chip Compactor & Turning swarf compactor. A PLC controlled

Why Centrifugal Oil Cleaner?

Centrifugal Oil Cleaner removes very fine dirt from lube oil below 1µ . Present engine filtration system can not remove such fine particles. With clean lube oil, Engine wear & tear is Substantially reduced, particularly of the tight clearance components like Piston Rings and Liners, Camshafts & Bearings, Turbo Charger, Gear Train etc. Effective removal of Carbon soot prevents Ring sticking and Clogging of oil passages, improving engine performance.

Engine Mounted Centrifuge

Centrifuge Model
SCC 025
SCC 050
SCC 100
SCC 200
SCC 400
SCC 600
Flow Rate
250 LPH
500 LPH
750 LPH
1200 LPH
3000 LPH
4000 LPH
Rotor Volume
250 cc
500 cc
1000 cc
2000 cc
4000 cc
6000 cc
Engine Oil Sump
30 Ltrs.
60 Ltrs.
120 Ltrs.
700 Ltrs.
2000 Ltrs.
3000 Ltrs.

Schematic Diagram - Full Flow Filter &
Centrifugal Oil Cleaner

Full flow filter carries entire oil flowing to various engine components, hence it has coarse filter element of 30 to 50 u ( to meet the flow requirement of engine components.) It remain in the oil. Centrifugal oil cleaner is installed in bypass line. It is a multipass cleaning system, it processes small quantity of oil continuously & remove all the Particles present in the kube oil down to 1u. thereby achieving very high level of oil cleanliness

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