Robotic (Rover Clean) Underwater Hull Cleaning and Hull Inspection

    • Alicia bots has created an autonomous, self-cleaning robotic solution that makes it profoundly easier to keep ships and underwater structures clean.  
    • On ships, our robots travel along a fixed route, inspect for biofouling, clean, and then return to their deployment point.

    • We’ve also created a second robot, capable of swimming, that is designed especially for cleaning underwater structures supporting ports, terminals, oil rigs, and offshore wind and solar farms.
    • When used along with our proprietary treatment plant technology, biofouling material can be collected then transformed into potable water and bio oil.

Anti  Fouling Coating Saving Cost 

  • Saving Cost Up to 50% for Fouling Coating
  • Save time for Sandblasting
  • Steel plate will use for a long time

DS Camera

Automatoc Photographic Device for Marine Engine Cylinder

The DS CAMERA is a tool/camera that can be used for the following purposes:

1. Inspection of Cylinder Liner condition
2. Inspection of valve leakage condition
3. Inspection of the condition of the combustion chamber, whether it is optimal or not
4. Inspection of the condition of fuel output from the injector

All of these aspects can be assessed without the need for disassembly.

The DS CAMERA can only be utilized on 2-stroke engines with a minimum bore diameter of 350 mm.

Good Liner Condition

Discovery of defects in the liner

Innovative Shaft Generator System Solution

Benefits of Installing Shaft Generator System

PTI Hybrid + PTH Electric Propulsion

PTI diesel-electric hybrid power to improve ship power performance and  redundancy.

PTH electric propulsion, electric propulsion in port or emergency conditions

Compatible with different electrical systems

When the ship berths and the shaft generator converter can realize the  conversion of 50Hz/60Hz different power systems, saving the investment  of ship shore power equipment.


Improve the energy efficiency index of ships with lower costs and  considerable benefits to meet the stage emission reduction  targets,  meet  the port access conditions and save carbon tax.

Lower operating costs, high return rate

Utilize the surplus power of the main engine, significantly reduce the fuel  consumption of power generation, and recover the investment cost in 1 year.

Auxiliary  engines  reduce  for  new  ships  and  shut  down  for  operating ships

The shaft generator can be used as the main generator to supply power  independently/grid-connected.  The  newly  designed  ship  can  reduce  the

number of auxiliary generators and save space; one auxiliary generator can  be  shut  down  in  the  operating  ship,  which  can  significantly  reduce  the

maintenance work, spare parts and lubricating oil for the auxiliary generator.



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