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Macko Filter
(Fuel filter, water separator)

The primary purpose of the Macko Filters is to completely separate and remove water in fuel. These are designed to have dual structures in a cylinder. At first, water and foreign matter are absorbed into the primary casing.

Water is separated into the water separation plate at the specially designed entrance. Foreign matter is separated into the transparent casing with a shape of eight at the bottom and then settled at the bottom.

As fuel slowly rises, strong magnetic field (1,000 gauss) removes iron, sludge, and microbes as well as refining high molecules into corpuscles, through multiple stages of magnets. The water and foreign matter are absorbed into the secondary casing with a fine micron filter and completely filter and clean contaminated fuel, thus protecting important devices such as injectors, ECU, and pumps and achieving complete combustion.

Engine Oil Filtration System

Ever since its establishment in 1995, Yangsan-based Magic Korea has been providing highest quality oil& fuel refinery equipment and alarm systems for vessels, vehicles, and general industrial needs.

Consistently supplying its flagship products to domestic major enterprises such as Daewoo Tractor and STX Engine, a local major marine engine maker, Magic Korea has become a leading provider in the field.

As the world is increasingly faced with shortages of oil resources, various types of oil& fuel refinery equipment and alarm systems are emerging as one of the most essential items in theindustrial fields.



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