Automation & Calibration

PT JNK MATGIM offers a diverse portfolio in addressing automation and vibration issues on ships, ensuring efficient and stable systems.

With a varied portfolio, the company can provide tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of each vessel, optimizing their performance.


Optimize Processes and Boost Efficiency with Ship Automation & Electrical Solutions

  • Utilize cutting-edge automated systems like Gas Detection Systems, Ballast Valve Operating Systems, Inert Gas Systems, Main Engine Automation, etc., to significantly enhance vessel safety and navigation.
  • Improve operational efficiency by minimizing manual tasks and human error through the implementation of Main
  • Engine Manoeuvring systems, Electrical Control Panels, and AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator).
  • Maximize fuel efficiency and minimize environmental harm by implementing effective energy management using ODME, BWTS, and PLC.
  • Guarantee adherence to industry regulations and standards.
  • Increase the efficiency of electrical systems to ensure maximum uptime and minimal maintenance requirements.


At Spencer Marine International, our cutting-edge facility is equipped to calibrate a wide range of instruments. From Tank Level Gauges to Gas Sampling systems, we ensure precision in every calibration. Our certified calibration engineers strictly adhere to regulatory guidelines, guaranteeing accuracy and reliability for your vessel's operations at sea. All instruments are engineered to be compliant with international and regional regulations, ensuring the utmost safety and efficiency.

We undertake calibration work for equipments as follows :

  • Pressure Transmitter (Pneumatic) Calibration
  • Pressure Transmitter (Pneumatic) Overhauling & Calibration
  • Electronic Pressure Transmitter
  • Temperature Gauge / Indicator
  • Temperature sensors
  • Portable Gas Instrument: with and without Gas
  • Oxygen Analyser
  • Gas detection system


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